The Air Rocket Launcher v2.0 & Air Rocket Glider has been Funded on Kickstarter!

THANK YOU to all our 236 Kickstarter Backers!!! $31,502!!!

For a very limited time, you can still pre-purchase the following items via PayPal or with a credit card.  Again, this is a pre-order and kits may not ship for up to 8 weeks (likely late October) as  Keith and Rick will be super busy fulfilling our successful Kickstarter rewards.  Our Kickstarter orders will be first priority.  Totals below include shipping.  Folding-Wing Gliders however, are in stock and available for immediate shipping.  Email us for bulk order prices and international shipping rates.  Thanks everyone for your business!

What's Available

Our Kickstarter campaign has Completed! - Rocket Launcher Kits, Air Rocket Gliders and Folding-Wing Gliders will be available for sale here on this website, once we fulfill all 236 Kickstarter Backers! For now, you can pre-order them at the link above.

Rick, Keith and our families will be at the NY Maker Faire, in the Fly Zone, so come check it out and make some rockets with us!

Make with Me!

Also just released is our article in MAKE: Magazine issue 39 on the Air Rocket Glider and Air Launcher 2.0

With over 2000 rockets built and launched this past weekend, Maker Faire Bay Area was a huge success.  See blog entry for details. Rick's talk on the MAKE: Live stage is here on YouTube.

Exciting things happening here at Air Rocket Works and we're glad to have you a part of the community!

Welcome!  AirRocketWorks is a newly formed online community dedicated to compressed air rockets for hobby and education.  While solid propellant rockets and water rockets have a significant following online, air rockets are not as well know - so join us and help spread the word.  We welcome you to the community!  Please sign in (upper right corner),set up a profile to post ideas, and stay connected.  

The Compressed Air Rocket V2.0 is here! - First introduced on the pages of MAKE Magazine #15 in 2008, the Compressed Air Rocket has been wildly popular.  Thousands of kits have been sold and millions have followed the DIY build on Kip Kay's Youtube Weekend Projects.  With rockets materials costing as little as 25 cents each and blasting 200-300' over and over again, these rockets are perfect for individuals and groups.  Pressure can be dialed down for smaller launch locations.

We now bring to you the exclusive Compressed Air Rocket V2.0.  Improvements include:

  • Simplified Build (builds in 1/2 hour with only an adjustable wrench)
  • No messy glue or batteries needed
  • As good, if not better performance than the first version
  • All industrial air pressure rated parts
  • Folds down small for easy transport and storage

The One-of-a-Kind Air Rocket Glider - The Air Rocket Glider makes its world debut right here.  It's the brainchild of Keith Violette that combines a variation of the clever folding-wing design of Jim Walker from 1939 and the classic air rockets.  With wings folded back, it is launched from the compressed air rocket launcher blasting it skyward.  At apogee the wings pop open for a long and graceful glide down.

(photo Jeffrey Braverman/Maker Media)



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Hi All-
It was great to meet some of you in person today.  We had a really busy day controlling the crowds in our "booth".  It really wasn't a booth at all, but two 22' x 22' tents side by side it is HUGE!  It's larger than many of the big companies…
"Well, today was a fun day of launching rockets.  We had one explosion, there was an issue where the tape did not overlap but made a seam, and numerous launches of the printed rocket.
While the printed rocket performed well under flight, there were a…"
"Sorry for the multi-replies.  Would have liked to just edit the main page tbh :D

I redid the streamer and took pictures of it alone.

Rocket as it will be at launch
Cone in the release position
Streamer as it will be upon release

Tomorrow will be…"
"Oh, I forgot this teaser as well."
I know that some rocketeers, and probably all of those new to rockets, might not know about using streamers instead of parachutes for the recovery device of a rocket.  Streamers are a very viable solution for or version of rocketry as most, I say mo…
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  • Using Streamers

    I know that some rocketeers, and probably all of those new to rockets, might not know about using streamers instead of parachutes for the recovery device of a rocket.  Streamers are a very viable solution for or version of rocketry as most, I say most and will explain shortly, of the rockets launched will be greatly under 30 grams. Why did I chose 30 grams?  While looking around for how to best deploy a parachute for an air rocket, I stumbled upon this Apogee Rockets Newsletter.  It confirmed…

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    Started by Jason Martin in Recovery Systems 3 Replies · Reply by Jason Martin Sep 14
  • Scratch Build QEV Issues

    I couldn't wait for the kits to be ready so I ordered the CAR v2.0-DIY Scratch Build parts from McMaster.  I got everything assembled but I was disappointed with the results.  The problem appears to be with the QEV (McMaster 6646K25).  When I open the sleeve on the Sliding-Sleeve Brass Valve (McMaster 4622K33) the chamber appears to fill.  But when I close the sleeve valve little if anything happens from the exhaust port of the QEV.  I have zero experience with the quick exhaust valves and what…

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    Started by SaranWrap in General 3 Replies · Reply by SaranWrap Aug 6
  • Little rocket template for large groups

    I've had the opportunity to lead paper rocket make and launch projects at several large events. In the past I've used a template that is made from one entire sheet of 8.5x11 card stock. I decided to design the attached half sheet template to save money and time.  The attached template flies well with this important addition ==> You must add a slight twist to the end of each tail fin. Although the kids always press the "launch button" I always have an adult there managing the two launchers. It's…

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    Started by Tom Heck in Paper and Tape Rockets 2 Replies · Reply by Tom Heck May 25
  • CAR V2.0 Pressure Recommendations

    If I use an electric compressor for the CAR V2.0 how high should I set the pressure? I am guessing that too high might make the mechanical valve hard to trigger. Thanks! Aaron Newcomb

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    Started by Aaron Newcomb in Paper and Tape Rockets 1 Reply · Reply by Rick Schertle May 25