The Air Rocket Launcher v2.0 Kickstarter Orders Have Shipped! We're now fulfilling Pay Pal Orders!

THANK YOU to all our 236 Kickstarter Backers!!! $31,502!!!

Domestic Kickstarter orders have shipped! In the next week, we'll be catching up on Pay Pal orders and then kits will be available for next-day shipping!   The only product that will be delayed is the Air Rocket Glider.  

Totals below include shipping.   Email us for bulk order prices and international shipping rates.  Thanks everyone for your business!

What's Available

Our Kickstarter campaign has Completed! - Rocket Launcher Kits, Air Rocket Gliders and Folding-Wing Gliders will SOON be available for immediate shipping here on this website!


Check out our article in MAKE: Magazine issue 39 on the Air Rocket Glider and Air Launcher 2.0

With over 2000 rockets built and launched, Maker Faire Bay Area was a huge success.  See blog entry for details. Rick's talk on the MAKE: Live stage is here on YouTube.

Exciting things happening here at Air Rocket Works and we're glad to have you a part of the community!

Welcome!  AirRocketWorks is a newly formed online community dedicated to compressed air rockets for hobby and education.  While solid propellant rockets and water rockets have a significant following online, air rockets are not as well know - so join us and help spread the word.  We welcome you to the community!  Please sign in (upper right corner),set up a profile to post ideas, and stay connected.  

The Compressed Air Rocket V2.0 is here! - First introduced on the pages of MAKE Magazine #15 in 2008, the Compressed Air Rocket has been wildly popular.  Thousands of kits have been sold and millions have followed the DIY build on Kip Kay's Youtube Weekend Projects.  With rockets materials costing as little as 25 cents each and blasting 200-300' over and over again, these rockets are perfect for individuals and groups.  Pressure can be dialed down for smaller launch locations.

We now bring to you the exclusive Compressed Air Rocket V2.0.  Improvements include:

  • Simplified Build (builds in 1/2 hour with only an adjustable wrench)
  • No messy glue or batteries needed
  • As good, if not better performance than the first version
  • All industrial air pressure rated parts
  • Folds down small for easy transport and storage

The One-of-a-Kind Air Rocket Glider - The Air Rocket Glider makes its world debut right here.  It's the brainchild of Keith Violette that combines a variation of the clever folding-wing design of Jim Walker from 1939 and the classic air rockets.  With wings folded back, it is launched from the compressed air rocket launcher blasting it skyward.  At apogee the wings pop open for a long and graceful glide down.

(photo Jeffrey Braverman/Maker Media)


  • Just a quick update that Kickstarter kits will mostly be sent out by the end of the week and then we'll begin catching up on our Pay Pal customers.  Thanks a ton for your patience.  It's nice that things are finally moving.

    Keith updated the instructions with fresh pictures and detailed explainations.

    Thanks to Jason Martin for the great contributions on streamer recovery with a 3D printed rocket.  Very cool!  I'm adding some parachute recovery ideas to the Forums.  We would…

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  • LIVE From New York!

    Hi All-

    It was great to meet some of you in person today.  We had a really busy day controlling the crowds in our "booth".  It really wasn't a booth at all, but two 22' x 22' tents side by side it is HUGE!  It's larger than many of the big companies that are exhibiting.  We had 60+ rockets being made at a time.  There were about 800 rockets built and launched today over the 9 hours that the Faire was open today, and that includes shutting down twice during the Coke & Mentos show -…

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  • New Paper & Tape Rocket Template Added

    Hello Rocketeers...

    We have developed a new Paper & Tape Rocket template that uses standard letter size paper (8.5" x 11").

    Check it out here:

    Keith & Rick

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  • Come check out the New York Maker Faire

    Hi All-

    As Rick and I and our families did last year, we will again be exhibiting at the Maker Faire in New York on Sept. 20th and 21st.  

    If anyone is attending, and you are interested in volunteering, it would be a huge help!  

    We'll be located in the same place as last year, in the "Fly Zone" Zone #4.  It's right next to the Coke & Mentos stage, and not far from the new "Game of Drones" area.

    Here's the…

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Art Conklin is now a member of Air Rocket Works
"So just a quick update. I thought changing the bike pump fixed the problem, but it did not. Subsequent launch attempts proved to be just as frustrating. I estimate the valve would not close 60-70% of the time with the new bike pump.
I borrowed a fri…"
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Dennis Adams updated their profile
Dennis Adams is now a member of Air Rocket Works
My problem seems to have been with the bike pump. I tried a higher volume pump and can force the flap closed with a big burst of air. I guess the first pump I was using couldn't provide enough pressure on each individual pump to force the flap…"
Did you try Keith's tips above?  I think he posted this update since yours went up.  Also, "Lost Marble" has some insight on different types of bike pumps.  I use a great Lezyne pump (about $63 on Amazon) that screws onto the Schrader valve.…"
"So I thought I'd post an update on the status of my launcher. First of all, and most importantly, it works geat! I haven't tried version 1 and version 2 side-by-side (I should do that), but version 2 seems to launch rockets significantly higher. Onc…"
vattan P yadav and Pam joined Air Rocket Works
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Alan Forrest is now a member of Air Rocket Works
"Hi All-
QEV Diaphragm Sticking:
There is one super-easy trick that almost always works if the QEV diaphragm fails to seal.  First, with the slide valve in the "Launch" position, complete one stroke on the bike pump.  This will build up pressure in t…"
"I assembled my launcher kit a few nights ago, and I've run into three main problems. Maybe my kit is a dud, but it seems to me that these may be fundamental design flaws.
This is coming from someone who has a version 1 launcher that I built from scr…"
"I received my launcher kit yesterday and put it together last night. This morning I made a bunch of launches but am also seeing the QEV valve stick. I am not using a compressor, just a bicycle pump. The valve sticks open almost 100% of the time.
I t…"
Jason P is now a member of Air Rocket Works


  • Troubleshooting the Air Rocket Launcher

    While not too many issues have surfaced, this is where we're going to start listing solutions to commonly reported problems: QEV Sticks On occasion, the flap inside the QEV valve may not reset itself after the rocket is launched.  This rarely happens if the launcher is connected to a compressor.  We did over 2000 launches with the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher 2.0 at Maker Faire in New York with it directly connected to a compressor and I don't think had a single malfunction.  Depending on…

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    Started by Rick Schertle in General 7 Replies · Reply by Jason P on Thursday
  • Recovery Ideas - Heli - Parachute - Prototype Materials

    Air Rocketeers, Here are a couple of ideas I've been playing around with.  At some point, we're hoping to have an air rocket design challenge out there.  These are some prototypes and ideas for both parachute and heli recovery. Helicopter Recovery This website has been a source of interest and an attempted prototype as well: I've also been messing about a bit with an air rocket version of this Rotaroc-A…

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    Started by Rick Schertle in Recovery Systems 0 Replies
  • Connecting the Air Rocket Launcher Directly to an Air Compressor

    It's super simple to connect your Air Rocket Launcher directly to an air compressor.  Instead of attaching the Schrader valve to the "Launch" side of the slide valve, screw in a 1/4" NPT Male Quick Connect Compressor Fitting.  Set your compressor output pressure to about 100 psi.   Slide valve back to launch and then forward to recharge.  Launcher will be ready immediately for the next launch.  

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    Started by Rick Schertle in General 0 Replies
  • Using Streamers

    I know that some rocketeers, and probably all of those new to rockets, might not know about using streamers instead of parachutes for the recovery device of a rocket.  Streamers are a very viable solution for or version of rocketry as most, I say most and will explain shortly, of the rockets launched will be greatly under 30 grams. Why did I chose 30 grams?  While looking around for how to best deploy a parachute for an air rocket, I stumbled upon this Apogee Rockets Newsletter.  It confirmed…

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    Started by Jason Martin in Recovery Systems 7 Replies · Reply by Jason Martin Nov 6