Used by NASA, Universities, STEM Programs, Museums, Science Classes, Scouts and at Maker Faires!

Version 2.2 is now in stock!  v2.2 is now better than ever with flights up to 8.5 seconds and 300'.  We'll also be publishing our brand new updated Rocket Template in the next few days in our website.  Order v2.2's below.  

Also new!  

We've got very light weight ABS plastic tubes custom made to fit our standard 1/2" launch tubes.  We've been wanting to make these for a while and now they are a reality.  They are 10" long, extremely strong and perfect for prototyping different types of rockets.  

Secondly, we've had custom squishy foam nosecones made that fit every type of 1/2"rocket.  These nosecones are only found here and work with the paper and tape rocket, plastic body tube above and the NASA card stock rocket.  These nosecones add a high center of gravity for spectacular flights.  Additionally, you get a nice 5'-10' bounce when they land.  Email us at the address below for more info on these custom rocket body tubes and foam nosecones.  

Grab a bicycle pump and this kit and send homemade paper rockets soaring hundreds of feet in the air! This is the newest version of the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher.

Blast reusable rockets hundreds of feet in the air with the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v2.2! This launcher was first introduced to the world in Make: Magazine vol. 15 in 2008. Since then, individuals, groups, and Maker Faires all over the world have had a blast introducing rocketry to kids and adults with this launcher. 

The Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v2.2 has been refined again, it is still made entirely out of industrial compressed air rated metal parts and a precision cut wooden base, it is now even easier to assemble, offers labeled the connections, and is more corrosion resistant.  This launcher is designed for heavy use and many years of high flying fun. In fact, this launcher has been used at Maker Faires in both the Bay Area and New York City to launch thousands of rockets over the course of the weekends.

Order Here!

For bulk orders, educational discounts and international orders, email us at:

Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v2.2

Key Features

  • Assembles in about half an hour using these easy to follow illustrated instructions
  • Sturdy design to withstand many years of use
  • Launch tube can be easily tilted to account for wind conditions by loosening a single wing nut
  • Includes storage for launch tubes

What You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench / Pliers
  • Masking tape & Scissors to build rockets
  • Bicycle pump (we recommend Lezyne) or air compressor
  • Works with the Air Rocket Glider Kit, sold separately here or from Maker Shed

Important: The Compressed Air Rocket launcher operates at pressures up to 130 PSI. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED. There are inherent risks in working with compressed air - this is a "put your phone away" project where you need to be present for launching. Never aim this device at people or animals. LLC and Maker Media Inc takes no responsibility for damages or injuries associated with the improper use of this device. 

About, the Air Rocket Launcher and Air Rocket Glider!

The One-of-a-Kind Air Rocket Glider (on the right) - The Air Rocket Glider makes its world debut right here.  It's the brainchild of Keith Violette that combines a variation of the clever folding-wing design of Jim Walker from 1939 and the classic air rockets.  With wings folded back, it is launched from the compressed air rocket launcher blasting it skyward.  At apogee the wings pop open for a long and graceful glide down. (photo Jeffrey Braverman/Maker Media)

For a video of the ARG in action, click the link here.

For some cool info on how we helped launch and recover a real satellite, take a look here.

Check out our article in MAKE: Magazine issue 39 on the Air Rocket Glider and Air Launcher 2.0

With over 2000 rockets built and launched, Maker Faire Bay Area was a huge success.  See blog entry for details. Rick's talk on the MAKE: Live stage is here on YouTube.

Exciting things happening here at Air Rocket Works and we're glad to have you a part of the community!

Welcome!  AirRocketWorks is a newly formed online community dedicated to compressed air rockets for hobby and education.  While solid propellant rockets and water rockets have a significant following online, air rockets are not as well know - so join us and help spread the word.  We welcome you to the community!  Please sign in (upper right corner),set up a profile to post ideas, and stay connected.  

THANK YOU to all our 236 Kickstarter Backers!!! $31,502!!!



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UPDATE - 8/18/16:
Several NH Makers had some fun demonstrating our upcoming NH Maker Faire exhibits at NH1 News on Tuesday morning.  Here is the link to the video posted by NH1:;
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The brand new v2.2 launcher is here!  We'll be fully developing this instructions page, but for now, here are some simple assembly pictures.  Be sure to use plenty of pipe thread tape on all four of the threaded connections.  You don't need pipe thr…
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8/15/16 - UPDATE:
The pumps have been mounted, and the control panel design is complete.  Remaining tasks include securing the launchers to a mounting plate, machining the guide wire clamps, completing the guide wire tensioner assembly, machining th…
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Above are the five high end launchers that we designed and built for NASA Launch Services Program in Cape Canaveral Florida.  The project got started when David Sollberger, NASA Launch Services Program Deputy Chief Engineer, contacted us at the end…
I wanted to show off the incredible thank you notes that I received after loaning a couple rocket launchers, rocket making materials and some other science experiments to Atkinson Academy for their Enrichment Day on 5/28/16.  I'm very impressed with…
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8/15/16 - UPDATE:
The pumps have been mounted, and the control panel design is complete.  Remaining tasks include securing the launchers to a mounting plate, machining the guide wire clamps, completing the guide wire tensioner assembly, machining th…
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  • Big Red Button (BRB)

    Missing hitting the Big Red Button to launch your rocket?  Here is one that you can print on a 3D printer and then adapt to use with the slide valve in our current kit.    1. Download and print the BRB .STL File. 2. You're going to need the following parts: Medium-Pressure Brass Threaded Pipe Fitting1/8 Pipe Size, Male x Female 90 Degree Elbow Push-to-Connect Tube Fitting for AirStraight Adapter for 1/4" Tube OD x 1/8 NPT Male (this part is needed if connecting directly to an air compressor…

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  • 3D Printed Fin Guide

    Download the following file and 3D print this handy fin guide designed by Keith.  Use one side for straight fins and the other side for slightly angled fins for a rifle effect. 3D Print File for Fin Guide (.STL)

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    Started by Rick Schertle in Paper and Tape Rockets 0 Replies
  • securing the ARG tail fins

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem... The tail fins on my ARG keep detaching upon landing. 2 of the 3 times when I've lost a fin, it was due to crash landings during early test flights. But now that I've got a good glide and flight time, I still had a fin detach on landing gently in grass. I attached them with Gorilla brand super glue. I'm thinking of drilling a hole in each one, close to the body, and wrapping a zip tie around the body, through each hole, kind of clamping them…

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  • 24V electric sprinkler valve - trouble shooting

    Hi, I am still using the V1 and a 24V electric sprinkler valve. I use an air compressor and two 9v batteries for the energizing. It's been working for about a year now. but about half way though last year I have had trouble with the value releasing at any pressures higher than like 40PSI, it seems the solenoid can not click and only when we reduce the pressure can we get it to active. Does anyone know if any maintenance I should be doing on the valve, or other issues that I can fix that will…

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