Version 2.1 Launcher is Here!

CAR v2.1 Back in Stock!

The 2.1 version of our Compressed Air Rocket launcher (CAR v2.1) is back!  Also, available only here, the Air Rocket Glider (ARG) kit. The ARG launches on the Compressed Air Rocket launcher.  You can order one or two ARG's below or a CAR by itself or with ARG's.  All prices include 2-day shipping in the USA and sales tax. Email us at: for information on international orders and quantity discounts.  All you need is a bicycle pump (or compressor), masking tape and super glue (for ARG assembly) and you're ready for some high-flying fun!

Compressed Air Rocket Launcher
Air Rocket Glider
 The v2.1 is still made out all industrial high pressure steel parts for years of launching fun.  It's not a cheap plastic product, but one that will stand up to heavy duty use by individuals, groups and Maker Faires.  The v2.1 includes a check valve for reliable resetting of the Quick Exhaust Valve, launch tube that tilts with the adjustment of one screw and even fewer parts for a simpler build.  Wood stand has storage for the 3/8" and 1/2" launch tubes for compact storage.  All launchers come with the 3/8" launch tube for the Air Rocket Glider and other launch able items we have in development.  Build instructions are available here on

The One-of-a-Kind Air Rocket Glider - The Air Rocket Glider makes its world debut right here.  It's the brainchild of Keith Violette that combines a variation of the clever folding-wing design of Jim Walker from 1939 and the classic air rockets.  With wings folded back, it is launched from the compressed air rocket launcher blasting it skyward.  At apogee the wings pop open for a long and graceful glide down. (photo Jeffrey Braverman/Maker Media)

For a video of the ARG in action, click the link here.

For some cool info on how we helped launch and recover a real satellite, take a look here.

Check out our article in MAKE: Magazine issue 39 on the Air Rocket Glider and Air Launcher 2.0

With over 2000 rockets built and launched, Maker Faire Bay Area was a huge success.  See blog entry for details. Rick's talk on the MAKE: Live stage is here on YouTube.

Exciting things happening here at Air Rocket Works and we're glad to have you a part of the community!

Welcome!  AirRocketWorks is a newly formed online community dedicated to compressed air rockets for hobby and education.  While solid propellant rockets and water rockets have a significant following online, air rockets are not as well know - so join us and help spread the word.  We welcome you to the community!  Please sign in (upper right corner),set up a profile to post ideas, and stay connected.  

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The following is a repository for files related to Rick and Jim's book Make: Planes, Gliders and Paper Rockets.

Chapter 1 - Helicopters

Template for Paper Catapult Helicopter (PDF)

Chapter 2 - Rockets


Chapter 3 - A…
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Here are a few tips and tricks should you ever experience difficulty with your CAR v2.0 or CAR v2.1.
First understand how the launcher operates by looking at the 4 figures at this link.
Second, test for leaks.  Pressurize the system and feel for lea…
Here is how the CAR launcher uses air pressure to launch rockets:
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This year we will be partnering with University of New Hampshire's STEM outreach team.  We will have templates and tape so anyone can make a rocket to launch on our new improved CAR v2.1 launcher, or with a home made "Stomp Rocket" launcher.  We wil…
The links below provide some instruction for middle and high school teachers to have a compressed air rocket competition.  Our launcher, the CAR v2.1 may be used, or you can build your own launcher either using our instructions or others available e…
This is a video showing how the Patriots Jet Team Foundation has been teaching STEM activities using compressed air rockets with high school students.  More info here:…
I want to thank Mark, Kayla and RJ for making a great How-To video showing their clever way to make a quick compressed air rocket.  They use a sheet of paper, a super ball, and clear packing tape to make a great rocket.  One of the cool things about…
"Hi Mark-
Great video!  Please let the kids know they did a great job.  I'll link to this video with a Blog post so more people will be able to see it.  My son Sean and I tried this technique, and it works great!  So cool to see that a rocket can fly…"
"Some of our 4th graders made a video describing the construction process."
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  • securing the ARG tail fins

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem... The tail fins on my ARG keep detaching upon landing. 2 of the 3 times when I've lost a fin, it was due to crash landings during early test flights. But now that I've got a good glide and flight time, I still had a fin detach on landing gently in grass. I attached them with Gorilla brand super glue. I'm thinking of drilling a hole in each one, close to the body, and wrapping a zip tie around the body, through each hole, kind of clamping them…

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    Started by Matt Dittrich in Air Rocket Glider (ARG) 0 Replies
  • 24V electric sprinkler valve - trouble shooting

    Hi, I am still using the V1 and a 24V electric sprinkler valve. I use an air compressor and two 9v batteries for the energizing. It's been working for about a year now. but about half way though last year I have had trouble with the value releasing at any pressures higher than like 40PSI, it seems the solenoid can not click and only when we reduce the pressure can we get it to active. Does anyone know if any maintenance I should be doing on the valve, or other issues that I can fix that will…

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    Started by Mark G Peeters in Pressurizing Your System 1 Reply · Reply by Carl Plossl Apr 19
  • Rocket Building Stands

    When you're making rockets for big groups like we do every year, rocket building stands are a cheap and handy thing to use. We use our stands for Maker Faire weekends and festivals where hundreds, sometimes thousands of rockets are built.  Pull out these stands to help your rocketeers with their building and to make sure your PVC building forms don't walk away! Cut a 2"x6"x8' piece of wood into 5-1/2" lengths, yielding about 17 square-ish pieces out of 8 feet of board. Mark the center of…

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  • Quick Build rockets with 5th graders

    Hi, we got some great coverage from our local media folks. This video is great.

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    Started by Mark G Peeters in Paper and Tape Rockets 1 Reply · Reply by Keith Violette Dec 14, 2014