I am still using the V1 and a 24V electric sprinkler valve. I use an air compressor and two 9v batteries for the energizing. It's been working for about a year now. but about half way though last year I have had trouble with the value releasing at any pressures higher than like 40PSI, it seems the solenoid can not click and only when we reduce the pressure can we get it to active.

Does anyone know if any maintenance I should be doing on the valve, or other issues that I can fix that will allow me to get closer to 75PSI?

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  • Your 2 Nine  (9v) Batteries when new at ~ 18v in series will be able to activate your 24v solanoid, however, with time and voltage drop, your batteries, will drop out from being activated. Install New Batteries.

    Also, try 3 9v batteries w/a 250 ohm 1/2w resistor in series with your solenoid, for activation at ~24 volts.  

  • Similar issues with my 12v electric sprinkler valve, 2 parallel 9v battery system. I managed an in-the-field work around by pulling the launch switch and 10 ft lead out of the circuit. I have yet to try a full 12v battery to see if it works better. 

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