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From a partner who uses our v1.0 launcher in the UK.

Hidden Figures looks like it'll be a great historical film coming out in January.
We'll be lauunching all weekend at the World Maker Faire in New York this coming weekend.  Come join us from 10-6 on both Saturday and Sunday.  Keith and Rick will both be there with their families in our once a year Air Rocket Works reunion.  Detai…
Our brand new v2.2 launcher got a workout at the Second Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire at History Park in San Jose, CA.  We built and launched over 700 rockets in just 7 hours!  I think that might be a record.  Pictured above is the San Jose Hisor…
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The brand new v2.2 launcher is here!  

Here are the updated instructions:
Step 1:
Cut open sleeve around box.  This latest batch had some VERY tight fitting sleeves, so you need to cut them off.  Carefully cut along the side of the sleeve.  Cutting…
With over a thousand rockets built and many thousands launched, continues to be a hit at Maker Faire.  This is our eighth year with the rockets and enthusiasm is only growing!  We used a single v2.1 Compressed Air Rocket Launcher…
We'll be launching air rockets all weekend (May 20-22) ot Maker Faire Bay Area 2016.  Come build, launch and take home a 

compressed air rocket.  We'll be in the Zone 1 near The Crucible.  
Are you looking for a way to get your paper fins on straight each time?  Recently Keith designed a fin guide that can be printed on a standard 3D printer.  If you line the fins up on one side, you'll get fins perfectly parallel with the body tube.  …
I recently came across this great paper rocket lesson from middle school teacher Tom Jenkins.  You have to sign into The Teaching Channel to be able to download the worksheets.  There is also a link below to a video on how he uses engineering design…
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The following is a repository for files related to Rick and Jim's book Make: Planes, Gliders and Paper Rockets.

Chapter 1 - Helicopters

Template for Paper Catapult Helicopter (PDF)

Chapter 2 - Rockets


Chapter 3 - A…
Hi All-
We wanted to get started on a "Science Content" page on our website to get into some of the really cool hands-on physics that you can witness and easily experiment with when using compressed air rockets.  In this first discussion, I wanted t…
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These instructions are for the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher (C.A.R.) v2.1.  
A downloadable PDF of these instructions is available at this link:
By following the simple instructions below, you can quickly assemble the Com…
When you're making rockets for big groups like we do every year, rocket building stands are a cheap and handy thing to use. We use our stands for Maker Faire weekends and festivals where hundreds, sometimes thousands of rockets are built.  Pull out…
Did you try Keith's tips above?  I think he posted this update since yours went up.  Also, "Lost Marble" has some insight on different types of bike pumps.  I use a great Lezyne pump (about $63 on Amazon) that screws onto the Schrader valve.…"