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Jason P

Birthday: January 1

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Jason P posted a discussion
I saw on the front page that with the new 2.2 air rocket kit there was also a new rocket template that was going to be posted. Has it been posted somewhere yet? I couldn't find it.Thanks!Jason
"So just a quick update. I thought changing the bike pump fixed the problem, but it did not. Subsequent launch attempts proved to be just as frustrating. I estimate the valve would not close 60-70% of the time with the new bike pump.
I borrowed a fri…"
My problem seems to have been with the bike pump. I tried a higher volume pump and can force the flap closed with a big burst of air. I guess the first pump I was using couldn't provide enough pressure on each individual pump to force the flap…"
"I received my launcher kit yesterday and put it together last night. This morning I made a bunch of launches but am also seeing the QEV valve stick. I am not using a compressor, just a bicycle pump. The valve sticks open almost 100% of the time.
I t…"
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