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William Lewis

San Jose, CA

Birthday: December 22

Profession/Interest in Air Rockets Rocketeer - Of all types, since 1954 Pyro-with fuel from firecrackers mixed w/my own black powder, matchheads. Founded- Started AeroPAC 1980-90's. Did Alpha Soda Rockets 60's, Co2 w/Cartridges and Phonograph Needle Launcher. Was on Mortar Commitee - Ft. Benning Ga. 1966 BSID from San Jose St. 1974 + 3 AA's SJCC + 2 Teaching Cred.-Adult Ed & CTE (taught Engr. Tech); after 40 yrs - Engineering/Science in Silicon Valley- w/Retirement from IBM 2003. Interest in AR - Recognize problems with Pyro Regs - Good way to get kids into Rocketry. I have 4 Grand kids and I am the American Legion Post (Willow Glen) Advisor to Cub Scout Pack we sponsor.

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