Compressed Air Rockets

Who Uses Our Compressed Air Rockets?

NASA event launching rockets


paper tape rockets held by kids at museum field

Libraries, Museums and Learning Centers

Air Rocket Glider launch by college student

Schools & Universities

compressed air rocket launch assistance from Keith

STEM Programs & Camps

Paper Tape rockets being made by boy scouts

Scouts & Clubs

girl holding pretty paper tape rocket

Families & Individuals

Rocket Specifications

Using just a simple standard pump, launch all kinds of rockets and gliders from our Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v2.2. Launch Paper and tape rockets, NASA rockets, foam nose plastic rockets, all foam rockets, gliders, our exclusive air rocket glider, and any other rocket creations you can think of!

Detailed, Illustrated Directions

Easy to follow step by step instructions and a build video with operating and launching tips.

Industrial Grade Components

Fast acting Quick Exhaust Valve, rugged aluminum launch control slide valve, quality brass pressure relief valve.

What am I able to Launch?

Our $0.25 paper and tape rocket (included) and much more! The Air Rocket Glider, NASA Template Rocket, Plastic Bounce Rocket (included) and tons more!

Packed Full of Fun Science Content

Many STEM learning opportunities – Newton’s Laws, Ballistic trajectory, Aerodynamics and Stability, etc.


This sounds awesome!

I need to order a rocket right now!

Who We Are

Rick first designed an Air Rocket Launcher for Make: Magazine in 2008.  In 2012, he connected with Keith online to brainstorm some new prototypes.  Soon after, Air Rocket Works was born as a small two family company run from California and New Hampshire.  We grew even more after a successful Kickstarter campaign (link) in 2014 and nation-wide order to 450 Barnes & Noble stores (link) in 2016.  While our focus is heavy-duty launchers for consumers, we’ve also designed and built high-end systems for both NASA and ULA’s educational outreach divisions.  We continue to grow and innovate, sharing our love for rocketry with every customer, engineer, hobbyist, student or future astronaut.  

Keith, Rick and The Air Rocket Works Team

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