Who We Are

AirRocketWorks is founded by Rick Schertle and Keith Violette. Keith first contacted Rick after building Rick’s articles of the balsa wood Folding Wing Glider and the Compressed Air Rocket launcher.

Since this first introduction, Rick and Keith have continued to innovate in several areas in compressed air rocketry, working to make compressed air rocketry an accessible and safe introduction for kids of all ages to make all kinds of things that fly.

The Air Rocket Works Team

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Why Air Rockets?

Using just a simple standard pump, launch all kinds of rockets and gliders from our Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v2.2. Launch Paper and tape rockets, NASA rockets, foam nose plastic rockets, all foam rockets, gliders, our exclusive air rocket glider, and any other rocket creations you can think of!

Detailed, Illustrated Directions
Easy to follow step by step instructions and a build video with operating and launching tips.
Industrial Grade Components
Fast acting Quick Exhaust Valve, rugged aluminum launch control slide valve, quality brass pressure relief valve.
What am I able to Launch?
Our $0.25 paper and tape rocket (included) and much more! The Air Rocket Glider, NASA Template Rocket, Plastic Bounce Rocket (included) and tons more!
Packed Full of Fun Science Content
Many STEM learning opportunities – Newton’s Laws, Ballistic trajectory, Aerodynamics and Stability, etc.

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Meet Our People

Keith is a mechanical design engineer with 18 years of experience designing robotic prosthetic arms, medical devices, and ultra-precision air bearings in New Hampshire.  He has built  several CNC machines and 3D printers, and founded a local CNC group.  Keith is also a contributing writer for MAKE Magazine, and designed the Air Rocket Glider in MAKE #39, and helped redesign the CAR v2.0, v2.1 & new v2.2.  He is also the lucky husband of a creative and understanding wife and father of two maker kids.

Keith Violette, FOUNDER AND ENGINEER at AirRocketWorks.com

Keith Violette

Founder and Engineer
Rick Schertle
Rick Schertle Founder and Educator of AirRocketWorks.com

Rick Schertle

Founder and Educator

Rick is in his twenty-third year teaching pubic school in San Jose, CA. Just this year he was hired for his dream job, running the Maker Lab at a new K-8 STEAM School in his district.  He’s the founder and director of the Washington Maker Workshop, a non-profit maker space in the low-income neighborhood of San Jose.  He’s a contributing writer for MAKE Magazine and designed the compressed air rocket for MAKE 15 and the folding-wing glider in MAKE 31. With his wife and kids, he loves all things that fly.