CARB Compressed Air Rocket Bounce Assembly Instructions

CARB Parts:

Here are the three parts that assemble to make the CARB Compressed Air Rocket Bounce recovery.  You will need to add the superglue. We recommend Loctite Super Glue Professional Liquid, available at hardware stores, Lowes & Home Depot.

Installation of the nosecone is a bit tricky.  You may want to practice pushing and twisting in the nosecone BEFORE you apply any superglue.  You will need to do this in one quick motion, and there is no going back once you start.

Step 1:

Apply super glue all the way around the base of the nosecone.

Step 2:

Very important!  This will need to be done in one quick inserting and twisting motion.

Step 3:

Note: There are two versions of fins out there, the die cut fins (older design Steps 4-12) and the Sticker Fins (new design steps 13-16).

The Die Cut Plastic Fins:

Fold the fins in half.

Step 4:

Fold the other two areas between the notches (short areas):

Step 5:

Fold all of the long lines in the opposite direction.  You can now start to see all three fins forming.

Step 6:

Tuck the folded slots together, with the tails on the inside.

Step 7:

Align the top and bottom edges.

Step 8:

Apply a piece of tape to keep fins aligned.

Step 9:

Slide fins over tube.

Step 10:

Align the fins with the end of the tube.

Step 11:

Tape all three sections between the fins to the rocket tube, and double check alignment.

Step 12:

Super Glue the three sections to the tube one at a time.  Slide the super glue tip up under each section, apply glue, then hold each section in place until dry.

Allow the glue to dry, remove the tape, and you are ready for launch!

Step 13: Sticker Fins

Start by using scissors to trim off the white material above and below the sticker.  Do not peel off the backing yet.

Step 14:

With the backing in place, fold and crease the sticker backward toward the backing in three places, along the white dashed lines.

Fold and crease the sticker forward towards the sticker side in six places along the solid white lines.

Step 15:

Start peeling one end of the backing.  Align the bottom of the fins (with the smaller white triangles) closest to the bottom of your rocket.

Take care aligning the bottom edge, and stick the end of the sticker, up to the first solid white line to the body tube.  Next, create the first fin by peeling the backing, doubling the sicker on itself and aligning the first two white lines together.  They should both be very close to the body tube.

Step 16:

Carefully work your way around, sticking the two rectangular areas to the body, and doubling up the sticker to create the second and third fins.

The two ends of the sticker should meet and align.  Double check the straightness of the fins.  The adhesive can be forgiving if you need to tweak the alignment.

Step 17:

Trim off the 3 large white triangles and the three small white triangles.

Step 18:

Your fins are now complete, ready to Launch!