We love our friends

And we like to think they love us too!

We have been working with NASA Kennedy Space Center Chief Engineer David Sollberger since May of 2016. Together we designed a custom launcher system with what has to be one of the coolest master control panels made for model rocketry - it was built into one of the cases that originally housed the igniters for the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters.
Libraries, Museums and Learning Centers
We have worked with many museums including: SEE Science Center (exhibit), The Tech Museum (with their yearly challenge), Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose, Connecticut Science Museum, Currier Museum of Art and the Children's Museum of New Hampshire.
Schools & Universities
We have worked with numerous schools and universities across the country such as Texas A&M University. We are also working with educational institutions overseas as well.
STEM Programs & Camps
We are currently working with multiple STEM and STEAM programs. The Currier Museum of Art's summer campers made some of the most artistic rockets we've seen yet. Our good friend Nick at STEAM & Co. in the UK has a great pairing of the excellent book ``Rocket Boys`` and a rocket lesson featuring our launcher.
Scouts & Clubs
Scouts and rockets go perfectly together. We are enjoying working with these groups.
Families and Individuals
Thank you to all the families and individuals that have purchased our rocket kits. We look forward to meeting more of you at the NH, Bay Area and World Maker Faires.

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