Rocket science education is the primary reason behind creating Air Rocket Works. Our launchers provide a durable low recurring cost way for teachers to introduce kids to rocketry for many years.  The paper and tape rockets encourages experimentation, and quick changes to the rocket are easily demonstrated, and attention to detail makes a difference in the performance.  The whole system can work for all ages, younger students learn the basics of Newtons laws and learn the work needed to launch a rocket through pressurizing the launcher.  Middle school students can get into some of the basics of ballistic trajectories, have timed competitions or try to shoot at targets by varying pressure and launch angle.  High school students can study the more advanced physics of aerodynamics, drag, stability, calculate altitude, or even have competitions.  It’s all about learning while having fun.

Why Choose Our Launcher and Rockets for Your Classroom?

No Flames
Our rockets operate on air pressure only, without any fire danger.
Amazing Templates and Plans
Download & print as many of our templates as you need for free. Please pass along any ideas for new templates.
Soft Foam Rocket Plans Available
Refer to Rick's article on making foam rockets.
Kids Love Us
At least we think our own kids do 🙂

Lesson Plans

We’re hard at work on curriculum for all age levels.  We’ve reached out to NGSS, Project Lead The Way, and we are working with NASA, ULA and several museums to make it easier for teachers to incorporate our fun rocket activities into their busy schedules.

Coming Soon! Check frequently for updates.